Quick dual charger bc trv with lcd for sony np fv30 fv50 fv70 fv90 fv100 fh50 fh70 fh90 fh100 fp50 fp

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1. Wide range compatibility. It can charge for digital Li-ion battery with 8.4/12.6/16.8V of any capacity. 2. Intelligent control. Control MCU can automatically identify the voltage of the battery going intelligent charge when charging and prevent overcharge. 3. Dual charging port design. It can charge two batteries at the same time. 4. Changeable battery charger plates suitable for most of camera/camcorder batteries. 5. 3 LCD display. Battery power level indicator the percentage of power level and current mode. 6. Charging type is CC/CV with good reliability and high efficiency. 7. With the function of pre-charging and lithium battery 0V activation can effectively extend battery life. HOW TO USE: 1.Connect the AC cable to Car charger DC input. The LCD display white light when power on. Note: The LCD charger shows the precision power level and battery capacity after installing the batteries when power on. 2. Install the battery which needs charging to the plates after installing the batteries the charger detects the load and start pre-charging LCD graphic will blink gradually. Note: 1. Charging the default for the low current mode. 2. Short push of the button can change current mode. 3. When fully charging please take out the battery turn off the power. 4. USB can be worked with low current or no battery mode. H: High current charging mode.(When occurred this H icon that means high current charging mode charging 1 battery the current is 1.5A2 batteries the current is 0.8A.) L: Lower current charging mode.(When occurred this L icon that means lower current charging mode charging 1 battery the current is 1.0A2 batteriesthe current is 0.5A.)